1. Morning (at Georgia State Capitol Hill Complex)

  2. Oldie from my more playful and creative days. Love this image. #sin #power #blackandwhite #encounter

  3. Came home, took off his school clothes and literally put this on. He just asked me to help button and clip stuff. #dope (at Southside ATL)

  4. Believe it or not, this is his school outfit and he picked it out himself. (at Southside ATL)

  5. at An awkward Place

  6. Just another Georgia day. (at Georgia State Capitol Hill Complex)

  7. The Panamanian Hero mating dance in the wild last night. Notice the female soothes the hero by moving her hips. I love Panamanian parties. Kids are always welcomed. (at Ft. Benning, GA Airborne School)

  8. My future drum major. (at Westlake High School)

  9. Anyone need this today? (at Georgia State Capitol Hill Complex)

  10. Good Morning. Today, set a goal of Excellence! Refuse to be out-worked. Refuse to be mediocre. Refuse to be distracted. Refuse to let your emotions get in the way. Refuse to quit. Refuse to lose. Give an undeniable 120% today and you will feel what our Champions have always known. That those who simply Pursue Excellence, have already achieved it. -Keir

    #consideryourselfmotivated #goalofexcellence #maketodayamazing #somethinggoodwillhappentoyoutoday